Numerous journeys occur on the tube each year. If you are a regular commuter, you will be well acquainted with the delays and cancellations that often befall London Underground. If you are involved in any of these cancellations or delays, you are entitled to a refund. Here we explain how you can claim your refund.

Are you eligible for a refund?

TFL (Transport for London) will offer a refund to customers who have been delayed for more than 15 minutes for reasons it has control over, for instance, overrunning engineering or faulty train. However, for reasons emanating from third parties such as security measures or bad weather, you will not be entitled a refund.

You must claim your refund within 14 days after the delay, your eligibility for the refund expires after this period.

Application for a refund applies to every tube user whether you are using a contactless card, paper ticket or Oyster card. You can claim a refund from TFL, which is in charge of the tube.

How much refund are you entitled?

You will be refunded the amount that is equal to the single delayed journey. The voucher you will get can be redeemed against a journey for a similar fare or season ticket with the same terms as that of the delayed journey.

What is the process of requesting the refund?

If you are eligible for a refund, you will be concerned about the process that you will have to undergo to get a refund.

You can apply online for your refund via the TFL website. You should follow the steps outlined below while claiming your refund.

  1. Go to the TFL website and log in to your Oyster or TFL account; you will have to sign up for an account if you do not have one.
  2. Click on the ‘Service Delay Funds.’
  3. Enter the information regarding your journey: paper ticket or Oyster card details.

You can as well call 0343 222 1234, the TFL customer services, and provide the details above. They will be able to attend to you and offer you the necessary information regarding your refund.

The processing of your information will be done within seven days, and you will receive an email that will state whether your claim is successful.

How do you get the refund?

a) You can give your bank details, and the amounts will be sent to your bank account. (If you travelled on a paper ticket, this would be your only option.)

b) The refund will be in the form of a web credit and will be reflected in your online account so that you will use it to purchase a travel card online next time.

c) In case you use the Oyster card, you will have your refund loaded as pay-as-you-go credit.

You will have to register your Oyster card to access this credits. To make it easy for their customers, TFL has ensured that you can register for these services even after your delay.

Does TFL cover any other inconveniences as a result of their delay?

What if you are late for a concert or flight due to a delay by the tube? Will TFL compensate for these losses?

Unfortunately, TFL does not cover any other losses other than the single delayed journey. Any other loss, you will have to bear it.

Requesting for a tube refund has been made easier by TFL. They have come up with an app that will help their customers file their claims. The app is available for iPhone users, and it costs £1.15 when you download. TFL are currently trying to come up with the same app for Blackberry users. For more information about the app, you can